The fee is $ 120/- for non-professional degree.

For any professional 4 years degree the fee is $ 250/- non-refundable.

For any additional degree please add $ 30/-each. For example, B. Com from India 3 years degree required to pay $ 120/- but for any additional degree or diploma, one has to pay $ 30/- each.

7-day turn-around - evaluation completed and mailed within 7 business days.

One official evaluation report sent to you. The report to the institution would cost $ 10/-ordinary mail, FEDEX services required to pay the cost of the courier.

Evaluation of ALL your formal credentials, regardless of number or complexity GPA & course-level designation

Permanent archiving of your evaluation and the option of ordering additional official reports at any time in the future are made available to all the clients.

A record for 1-3 years are properly maintained. Exceeding one year, the evaluation fee is charged otherwise within a year only mailing costs are required.

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