Foreign Degree Evaluation

The importance of credential evaluations are undeniable and unchallenging. It bridges the gap between two countiresand two universities (or two education systems). It helps to get job or education in USA and it makes EVEN a lay man to understand the accurate academic position of a foreigner in USA.

For US professional licenses like CPA, PHARMACY, DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, NURSES ETC. credentials evaluations not only provide accurate US equivalent but it also it helps to save time, labor and money because a person who studied abroad must get waiver for their academic achievements in a foreing country.

For example, a lawyer from a foreing country has to do only 20 credit hours for US Law and English Language Test, but if not, he has to complete 4 years of Law School which will cost him/her $50,000.-- $60,000/, plus time and labor. IN SHORT CREDENTIAL EVLUATIONS HELPS A LOT.

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